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Foundation Botulinum Toxin Training



You will learn:
- What is botulinum toxin

- Botulinum toxin for medical use

- Botulinum toxin for aesthetic use

- How does botulinum toxin work

- Muscle groups and assessing facial anatomy

- Injection sites and techniques

- Medical questionnaire and consent

- Toxin types, dilution and storage

- Prescription and ordering

- Factors affecting product

- Contraindications and warnings

- Frequency of side effects

- Aftercare tips

- First aid

- Health and safety law

- Professionalism & code of ethics

- Hygiene

- Anatomy and physiology

- Questions and models

- Areas covered are forehead, glabella and crows feet

* each course contains certification *

Foundation Botulinum Toxin Training

  • Ensure cancellation for this course is 1 week before the course date, payments online are non-refundable in any circumstances

    Contact @enhancementsbyellie or email us for updated course dates

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